Who we are

Kin Studios is a fun, friendly, and professional, product photography studio in Toronto committed to creating high quality images for all your e-commerce, web or print related needs..  We’ll capture images that make your products as appealing as possible so you can capture sales as quickly as possible.

With today’s visual culture, we understand the importance of having superior quality product photography for your e-commerce business – from boosting your brand, building customer trust, to improving your conversion rates.  At Kin Studios, we know what it takes to provide you with product photography that inspire customers to purchase your product.  Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Kin Studios is proudly located in Toronto's Junction Triangle neighbourhood, the new mecca for artists and entrepreneurs.  We offer both in-studio and on-location product photography services within downtown Toronto and the GTA. However if you are willing to ship your products to us we can work with anyone across Canada and the United States.

Kin Studios | RS
Kin Studios | Celina
Kin Studios | Paolo
Kin Studios | Miguel Florendo

Awesome illustrations by Min Kang

What we do

Kin Studios, a Toronto based product photography studio, works with you to create high quality product images that inspire customers to purchase your product.  Whether it’s for e-commerce, your online catalogue,  advertising campaigns, or use across various digital media, our professionally photographed and edited images accurately and creatively convey the intricacies of your product in ways words just can’t.   We shoot a range of products ranging from jewelry, watches, fashion, kitchen products to furniture. If you can purchase it online, we can photograph it.

You know it’s true - pictures do speak a thousand words. For your product photography needs contact us at info@kinstudios.ca.